SetCleaner overview

SetCleaner is a freeware arcade emulator utility for:

Xmame/M.A.M.E., Raine, Callus, System16, RAGE, M72, JFF, PinMAME

Its main features are:

  • Gameset Optimising (Xmame/M.A.M.E.)
    Using this feature, you can repack your zips applying the maximum compression available. SC can delete useless files, fix those files which report a wrong length and move wrong placed roms among your zipped sets. SC can delete automatically incorrect or unknown gamesets. Then you can decide to remove all the clone games or only those which you already have the original game Note that merging isn't fully supported yet. You can tell SC to store your gamesets in "ZIP" as well as "7Z" format (as long as you have the external compression utility) A logfile can be generated to keep track of all the actions taken by the program (and displayed while doing the operations), and a report is generated when done cleaning.
  • Collection Builder
    SC can split your gameset collection in volumes, so that each volume consists of a subdir containing a gameset subset. You can set the maximum size for each volume. Volumes can be zipped automatically.
  • Emulator and Gameset Information
    SC shows detailed info about installed emulators and supported games (you can filter your search). Choosing a game it will show related info. Now you can select a game to view in which emulator it is supported.
  • Front-End
    SC has a small front-end which let you run games using emulator's current settings.
  • Sample Conversion
    SC can convert your older .SAM samples to .WAV (and vice versa).
  • Emulator Binary (un)Packing
    SC (using UPX) can pack/unpack your emulator executables to save space or loading time.
  • Missing/Supported Game Listing
    SC can generate lists of all the gamesets you don't have and lists of all the gamesets that an emulator supports (you can include/exclude NeoGeo games as well as clone games).

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